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Big Mike Gondelman

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Leibish “Big Mike” GondelmanDo you have a family member who is abusing drugs or alcohol?
Are you searching for help overcoming an addiction to alcohol, drugs, opiates, or other substances?

Leibish “Big Mike” Gondelman is here to help.

Addiction crisis management

Big Mike will help you evaluate your situation, get treatment for substance abuse, get you into rehab, integrate into the outside world and prevent relapse.

Concierge services

Big Mike provides help in a crisis over the phone or in person, including round the clock accompaniment. If you are unsure about the next steps to take, he can help you identify the cause of your substance abuse and make a plan for your recovery.
His services include addiction counseling, counseling for families of addicts, and more.

Reach out for help today

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Reach out for help

Help with every stage of recovery

Phone or in-person evaluations

Identify and change the patterns triggering your substance abuse.

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Substance abuse therapy

Ease your return to society as a sober, stronger, productive person.

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Your unique recovery plan

Customized support for your physical, emotional, & psychological needs.

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