I don’t want to be addicted to drugs or alcohol

Recovery help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol is available
Get the freedom to enjoy your life again

If your friends or family have approached you about your drug dependency, now is the time to get help.

Big Mike, CASAP, is a certified addictions and substance abuse professional who helps men and women who are addicted to drugs, addicted to medication, addicted to alcohol, or addicted to other substances.

Help for your substance abuse

Have you had a wake up call following a DUI or other close encounter? Are you worried about losing control over your life? If you can’t stop your substance abuse and worry about becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, help is available.

Big Mike offers concierge addiction treatment. That means that he offers whatever help you need to get on track and move towards recovery.

In your case, help for a drug addiction or alcohol addiction may mean:

  • identifying and treating the cause of your addiction
  • planning your treatment
  • getting into rehab
  • getting help integrating back into life after rehab
  • preventing relapse
  • and more

You are in good hands.

Concierge help for you

Big Mike will use all of his experience and training to design and implement an individualized treatment plan for you. This plan will address both your substance abuse and accompanying problems such as anxiety or depression.

Whether you need help over the phone, help in person, help planning your recovery, or round the clock accompaniment, Big Mike will get you the treatment you need.

Get help today

Whether your recovery needs include detox, rehab, psychotherapy, or medication, Big Mike will use his network of recovery professionals to ensure that you get the best treatment for you.

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom, make a choice to get help today. Call now, or just fill out the form and click Send.