Counseling for families of addicts

counseling for families of addicts in the USA, Canada, England, and IsraelHas your child been to rehab and you don’t know what to do?

Do you need help coping with the effects of a family member’s addiction on your family? Big Mike, CASAP, provides counseling for families of addicts.

If your family is in crisis, Big Mike can help show you the way towards recovery for the entire family.

Big Mike will sit with the entire family and go over the process – including a plan to give support to each family member.

Concierge counseling for families of addicts

When one family member becomes a substance abuser, the effects are felt by every member of the family.

Even after Big Mike brings your spouse, child, or family member to rehab, you may still be feeling the negative effects of the addiction in your home.

Big Mike is available to come help your family get out of crisis mode and return to daily life.

In counseling with Big Mike, he is available to:

  • Stay with your family and provide the help your family needs to recover as individuals and as a family
  • Work through the difficulties the addiction has caused to other members of your family
  • Deal with underlying family issues and individual issues exacerbating the situation for you and your family
  • Talk with parents about how your family affects the addict
  • Guide you in deciding what steps to take next for yourselves and the substance abuser
  • Provide emotional support and counseling to the entire family to resolve all of these issues and more

Reach out for help

Get the help you entire family needs. Counseling for families of addicts is available over the phone or online, in person, and in your home. Call now to get started, or just fill out the contact form and click Send.