Is your substance abuse out of control?

Is your drinking or substance abuse out of control? Get help with a substance abuse evaluation with Big Mike.
Get the keys to your recovery

Are you worried that substance abuse or drinking is taking away your control over your life?

Did you start taking marijuana or other substances in your early adulthood because “everyone was doing it”, but now don’t know how to function without it?

Has a spouse or family member told you that you have to get help for your drinking or substance abuse? Reach out for help today.

When working with Big Mike, he can help you:

  • Evaluate if you need help for substance abuse or addiction
  • Make a plan for your recovery
  • Carry out your plan for recovery
  • Stay sober and prevent a relapse

Big Mike will be with you every step of the way.

The help that you receive from Big Mike will depend on your needs and goals for recovery. If your drinking or substance abuse is out of control, no matter how bad your situation is, there is hope.

What is a substance abuse evaluation?

During your substance abuse evaluation, Big Mike will work with you to identify the problems that are setting you back.

Together you will discover whether your level of substance abuse or drinking is a problem and create a plan for your recovery.

Treatment for substance abuse, including treatment for underlying issues that contribute to your substance abuse, may be provided by Big Mike or another professional from Big Mike’s recovery network.

How do we do it?

Big Mike is available to help over the phone, online, or in person. After evaluating your situation, he can give you a referral for the treatment you require.

Whenever necessary, Big Mike will fly out to help you wherever you are and support you through a period of crisis or while getting sober.

Reach out for help today

Place yourself in safe hands. Call now to coordinate a substance abuse evaluation with Big Mike, or just fill out the contact form and click Send.