Tips for overcoming emotional pain

Spending time alone in nature can help you recover from emotional pain. Have you ever noticed that we try to avoid emotional pain at all costs? If we feel hurt or upset we immediately try to get rid of the pain or hide from it. Ironically, the more we deny our pain, the stronger it becomes.

Every life has ups and downs. Feeling emotional pain occasionally is normal, and it doesn’t mean you are “broken” or “defected.” Having both positive and negative emotions is what makes us human.

How can I feel better?

Finding ways to acknowledge your pain and then move beyond it can make your life more peaceful and enjoyable. Here are some tips for overcoming emotional pain:

Acknowledge your pain

Sometimes emotional pain demands to be felt and understood. Repressing the pain will only make it worse. Let go of any feelings of anger, disgust, or frustration you have towards yourself and your situation. Embrace your pain. Give it the attention it needs, so it can go away.

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Give yourself time

It takes time to escape from the darkness. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time to rest and heal.

Let go of control

Everyone heals at their own pace. Get rid of thoughts of “why is my pain lasting so long?” and “why don’t I feel better already?” Let go of the urge to control your recovery. Letting go can help speed up the healing process.

Spend time alone with yourself

When you’re feeling pain, taking time for yourself is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Spend some time alone, in a non-pressured environment to get to know yourself and reflect on what you love about yourself.

Reach out for help

Reach out to people you love and trust for emotional support. Surround yourself with people who can make you laugh and show you how beautiful life is.

Let nature comfort and heal you

Spend some time outdoors. You will see death and destruction, but also new life and rebirth. Remember you too are part of nature. Observe and allow nature to heal and comfort you.

Turn your wounds into wisdom

Every experience happens for a reason. After overcoming a painful situation, think about how your pain has made you a stronger, better person. This will give you more hope and perspective in the future.

Remember, no pain lasts forever. This too will pass. Don’t let a painful experience make you feel like you have a painful life. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start rebuilding your beautiful life.

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Being alone vs. being lonely

In this edition of “Reflections With Big Mike,” brought to you by Recovery Renaissance, Big Mike discusses the difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

Processing your emotions and attending to the underlying causes of addictive behavior is an important step in the recovery process.

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Recovery without faith?

One hand reaches out for another, symbolizing the desire to reach out and help a loved one achieve recovery.In Big Mike’s latest blog on Times of Israel, he writes that when dealing with addiction, body and soul go hand in hand, both playing a key role in recovery. In order to restore your sense of self and achieve true healing, recovery needs to be approached with a holistic view, taking into account both body and soul.

“Recovery is as much a spiritual process as it is a physical one. And that shouldn’t be a surprise. When we were lost in our addiction not only did we harm our bodies and our relationships, we compromised our souls. We became slaves to our substance or behavior. It ruled our lives. Our real selves went into exile. Our Godly soul fell silent and an impostor took its place.”

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